CD front cover 

Essen Motor Show


Data: 4 December 1989
Miejsce: Essen, West Germany
1. Dance Of The Ferrari's (version 1)
2. Dance Of The Ferrari's (version 2)
3. Dance Of
The Ferrari's (version 3)

I found in the same tape two versions of Dance Of The Ferrari's, instrumental from 4 Dec 1989 by Mason and Fenn at Essen Motor Show.
The first is an upgrade of the same that my Master BrainDamage found years ago.
The second is the same, with more a heartbeat and a Ferrari engine.

Instrumental from 4 Dec 1989 by Mason+Fenn at Essen Motor Show.
I received a tape with some old PF tracks inside,already circulating but this one I'd never heard before. The only info was taken from the Echoes's Faqs. The date is the same of the one on the tape.
The track is a bit damaged in the beginning but listenable.
Another rare piece of PF solist found? I hope it is.
Enjoy this one

Dodano:  11.10.2015